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Back Scratcher

Fun Way to Scratch Those Hard-to-Reach Spots

Made of 100% rosewood. Made in Thailand.

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Product Summary

The 38cm / 15" Back Scratcher is made of handsome 100% Thai rosewood. Features a whimsical ‘scratching’ hand.

Product Details

What better way to get rid of that annoying itch than with our Thai Back Scratcher? The Scratcher is made of beautiful, durable Thai rosewood and features and easy-grip handle with a whimsical ‘scratching’ hand on the end.  It is the perfect length to reach any spot on your body. And it’s not just for your back—the Scratcher can be used anywhere you have an itch!

Features and Benefits

  • It is a perfect length to scratch your back or anywhere else you have an itch.
  • It made of 100% high-quality, all-natural Thai rosewood which is durable and non-toxic.

Dimensions and Care

  • Length: 38cm / 15"
  • Clean your massage tool with mild soap and warm water. After washing it, wipe it down with an anti-bacterial wipe and condition it with a small amount of carrier oil.