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Citronella Essential Oil

Dissolves tension and promotes ch’i

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Citronella organic essential oil alleviates mental and emotional stress and promotes ch’i. Produced from steam distillation of citronella leaves, this essential oil has long been used for aromatic and healing purposes. Citronella oil is known as an antibacterial, blood purifying agent, and as a remedy for headache, fatigue, fevers, digestive problems, and menstrual problems. It is an effective way to repel insects such as ants and mosquitoes. Finally, this aromatic agent is useful in alleviating tobacco, fish, sweat and other unpleasant odors.

100 kg of the plant produce 1 litre of oil.

Blending suggestions:

Citronella blends well with bergamot, clementine, eucalyptus, geranium, lavender, lemon, lime, grapefruit, mandarin, sweet orange, and peppermint.

Citronella can be used in a diffuser to repel insects.