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Eco Deluxe BodyChoice

Updated Popular Starter Couch with Free Accessories

Comes in multiple colors and sizes. Includes free standard accessories.

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Product Summary

The Eco Deluxe BodyChoice is an enhanced version of our most popular massage couch. Now designed with the space-saving convenience and versatility of a built-in face port and plug, it is an affordable, high-quality couch. Ideal for students, home users, and practitioners on a budget, the Eco Deluxe BodyChoice includes:

  • Features Built-In Face Port and Plug
  • Free Adjustable Headrest
  • Free Face Pillow
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf
  • Free Standard Carrying Case

Product Details

Thanks to its unbeacouch price, the Eco Deluxe BodyChoice massage couch is ideal for students, new practitioners, and home users on a budget. This popular couch now enhanced with a built-in face port and plug is available in three different widths and a variety of colors to fit your needs. The Eco Deluxe BodyChoice is a well-built workhorse of a massage couch that comes complete with all of the standard accessories you need to get started with massage (see Free Accessories).

Enjoy the space-saving convenience of a built-in face port and plug which lets you effortlessly orient your clients in the prone position without a headrest. The new built-in face port feature allows you to work in smaller spaces, conserving room without sacrificing client comfort.  Now you have the choice of alternating between using the face port or the headrest based upon your location, client’s needs, and preferred method of positioning.  For even more adaptability, the built-in reiki panels enable you to comfortably perform seated work at either end of the massage couch and the headrest/accessory outlets on both sides of the couch offer the option for multiple client positions.

The Eco Deluxe BodyChoice’s structural system is made of high-quality, beech hardwood, ensuring professional strength. Its Double-Lock Leg Adjusters allow you to raise and lower the height of the couch while keeping the couch twice as scouch and secure. This member of the BodyChoice massage couch series is equipped with our signature Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System for streamlined folding and opening of the massage couch in mere seconds. Its padding is comprised of 2.25" / 5.5 cm thick, high-density, small-cell foam and covered by environmentally and skin friendly PU leather (oil and waterproof) for the ultimate comfort of your clients.

Features and Benefits

  • Exceptional value at an economical price
  • The 2.25" / 5.5 cm thick, high-density, small-cell foam padding ensures your clients’ comfort
  • The oil and waterproof PU-leather upholstery is comfortable, durable and environmentally friendly
  • The Double-Lock Leg Adjusters guarantee life-long stability and security of your massage couch
  • The Auto-Lock Leg and Frame System lets you open and fold your massage couch in seconds
  • The headrest/accessory outlets on both sides of the couch provide convenience when positioning your clients
  • The built-in reiki panels allow you to perform seated work at either end of the massage couch

Sizes and Colors

  • Available Width: 30'' / 76 cm (See Specifications for More Details)
  • Available Color Combinations: Cream Upholstery with Natural Legs, and Royal Blue Upholstery with Natural Legs
  • Legs and Frame Constructed From High-Quality Beech Hardwood in a Natural or Mahogany Finish (See Available Color Combinations)

Ideal For

  • Students
  • New Practitioners
  • Practitioners on a Budget
  • Home Users

Free Accessories

  • Free Adjustable Headrest
  • Free Face Pillow
  • Free Hanging Arm Shelf
  • Free Standard Carrying Case
Specifications BodyChoice Eco Massage Couch
Width 30'' / 76 cm
Length 73'' / 185 cm
Length with Headrest 211 cm
Adjustable Heights 25" - 35" / 63 cm - 88 cm
Weight 30 lbs / 13.5 kg / ~ 2 stones
Static Weight 1764 lbs / 800 kg / 126 stones
Working Weight 485 lbs / 220 kg / 35 stones
Upholstery 2.25” / 5.5 cm High-Density, Small-Cell Foam
Vinyl Oil & Waterproof PU
Leg & Frame High Quality Hardwood (Beech)

Auto Lock Frame & Leg System for Opening and Folding in Seconds
Double Lock Leg Adjusters for Life-Long Stability and More Security

Guarantee Ten-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Legs & Frame
Two-Year Guarantee Against Defects of Upholstery