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Facial Roller

Handy Massage Tool Designed to Massage Your Delicate Facial Muscles

Made of 100% rosewood. Made in Thailand.

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Product Summary

The Thai Facial Roller has two rollers that are small enough to massage the delicate muscles of your face. The tool can also be used for reflexology of the hands and feet. Made of handsome, 100% Thai rosewood.

Product Details

Our Facial Roller has two rollers that are perfectly sized to massage the delicate muscles of your face. Use it to gently massage your temples or forehead to relieve tension and headache pain, and then try it on your tired, stressed neck muscles. Soon you will be feeling completely relaxed and free from stiffness and stress-related aches.

The Facial Roller can also be used for reflexology, an ancient healing art that involves stimulating pressure points on the feet and hands that correspond with the health of other parts of the body. Use the Facial Roller to gently massage points on your heels, soles, arches, toes, palms and fingers to relax your extremities as well as promote healing in your entire body.

The Facial Roller is made of 100% polished rosewood from Thailand and can be used with or without lotion during massage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Its two rollers are perfectly sized to massage your delicate facial and neck muscles relieving headache pain and tension.
  • It is ideal for practicing reflexology because it is designed to effectively massaging pressure points on the hands and feet.
  • It made of 100% high-quality, all-natural Thai rosewood which is durable and non-toxic.

Dimensions and Care

  • Length: 15.24cm / 6", Width: 4.45cm / 1.75"
  • Clean your massage tool with mild soap and warm water. After washing it, wipe it down with an anti-bacterial wipe and condition it with a small amount of carrier oil.