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Hot Stone Massage

The Hot Stone Massage is an effective treatment to relax tense muscles and relieve pain. The most commonly used Basalt stones will be warmed up to 60° C and then they will be placed on the body. The flat, even stones can keep the warmth longer.

The basalt stones are dark but can even look blue, grey, dark blue or black due to the mineral content. The natural stones are sourced from naturally occurring basalt rock. Basalt is a volcanic rock formed from magma erupted from a volcano. The basalt stones of the ocean floor are round. The lava gets cold within a couple of minutes due to the great temperature difference between the lava and ocean water.

In Asia the old technique used the heated stones was popular for religious ceremonials and as a healing method for a long time. In fact the hot stone massage was popular in many other countries as well. The Hawaiians (Kahuna medicine men) used the lava rocks stones, lava stones to release muscle tension or pains. The definition LaStone is coming from the lava stone. Today the hot stone massage is one of the most relaxing forms of massage and combines massage, thermo-therapy, energy and healing work.

The stone is habitually placed in some areas on the back, between the toes, and on the palm or on face. The massage therapist will place the heated stones on the body. To prevent the burns t’s best to place a sheet or towel down and then put the stones on top of that. If the stones are warm they can be placed directly onto the skin. The idea behind this approach is to transfer the heat from the stones to the body. It is this heat that does most of the work.

The massage therapist can use the stones around the back and legs to massage the body. The size of these stones should be comfortable for a therapist’s hand. One can use a palm-sized stone to massage the body. Hot and cold stones can be alternated for patients suffered from headaches as it has a beneficial effect fo the nervous system and the body gets new energy.

The room should have between 22 and 25°C for the client’s comfort. Use the a towel for the parts of the body which will not be treated. During the hot stone massage, the stone is heated until it can satisfy the warmth of the human body. Eventually, it will facilitate the relaxation of  muscles and the therapist will apply some pressure. This is only done if necessary or if explicitly requested by the client. One should have 40 to 70 stones for a full body hot stone massage.

Usually, a thermo-regulated electronic machine is used to ensure that the stones are heated to a specific temperature. Otherwise, they might either burn the skin or have no effect. The therapist places  the heated stones on the spine, stomach, palms, and between the toes. They should warm the body about 10 minutes for a better effect. The heat coming from the stones relaxes muscles and provides a well-being feeling.

For the low back massage the stones will be removed. The massage will be performed with the use of the big back stone using light movements. Take your time and relax after a massage session. You will feel relaxed and soothed, enjoy the hot stone massage!