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Marble Cold Stones

White marble stones for cold stone therapy.
Finest quality and made with care.

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Cold Stones 15 pcs. set
White marble stones for cold stone therapy

6 x stones 45 x 30 x 10 mm
6 x stones 70 x 45 x 18 mm
3 x stones 90 x 55 x 18 mm
1 x storage bag

The massage with white, cold marble stones invigorates, refreshes and gets the circulation going. Cold stones stimulate the autonomic nervous system and are meant for cold application. Cold stones can also act to relieve sinus pressure, reduce swelling, and increase circulation on a cellular level. Cold stones even strengthen one’s nervous system, increase metabolism and stimulate the immune system.
Most people know the massage with hot basalt stones. While the basalt stones in the water are heated up to about 60 degrees Celsius during the Hot Stone Massage, the white marble stones are cooled to -10 degrees Celsius.

Often both massage variants are also combined. The attraction of warmth and cold triggers unfamiliar tensions, through the extreme stimulus differences, the body's self-healing powers are activated. A combination of both variants ensures optimal relaxation for the body and mind
Still, Cold Stones are not for everyone. Who generally freezes easily or has mild circulatory problems, should rather get a pure hot stones massage.

application areas:
• A headache
• tiredness, listlessness, lack of concentration
• slight skin swelling, bruising
• in case of sunburn and overheating in summer

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