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Meditation Cymbals

Clear, High Pitch Tones

Ideal for Meditation, Music and Sound Healing

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Product Summary

Our Meditation Cymbals are created from a special mix of seven, high quality metals. Handmade, decoratively stamped and joined by a leather strap, they are ideal for meditation, music therapy and religious ceremonies.

Product Details

The Meditation Cymbals produce clear, high pitch tones ideal for meditation, making music and simply relaxing. They have been used for centuries to produce harmonic overtones that are conducive to centering and balancing.

Created from a special combination of seven, high quality metals, these beautiful cymbals are handmade and decoratively stamped. Simply strike the cymbals together to create soothing tones for meditation, music, religious ceremonies, healing, stress reduction and more.

2 Year Warranty

Features and Benefits

  • Handmade and high quality;
  • Special combination of seven, high quality metals are decoratively stamped;
  • Produce deep, long lasting tones for meditation, relaxation and wellbeing;
  • Supports a serene, meditative environment conducive to centering and balancing;
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • 6 cm in diameter, 4 mm thick

Ideal For

  • Meditation
  • Music
  • Sound Healing