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Moor Detox Mud Pack

Our Natural Moor Mud packs our 100% pure

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Our natural moor mud packs are 100% pure with no additives. The nutrient and mineral rich, detoxifying Moor Mud is evenly distributed between a permeable membrane (patient side) and impermeable sheet (heat side).

The packs are stored at room temperature. They can be used as heat therapy in conjunction with a reusable heat pack and be used for cold therapy as well. The permeable fabric provides intensive skin contact while preventing the mud from sticking to the skin.

For the heat treatment, first place the permeable fabric side on the patient's skin. Then, place the heat transfer, heated to 55 to 65 degrees, on top of the mud pack. The temperature of the mud will increase pleasantly. The mud pack will maintain this temperature and remain effective for about 25 minutes.

The heat treatment is especially recommended in chronic rheumatic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and degenerative joint diseases. It also helps to treat circulatory disorders and relieve pain in chronic diseases of the intestines and urinary system.

The natural Moor Detox Mud Packs can also be as a cold treatment for acute states of rheumatic (inflammatory and degenerative joint and spine diseases, "rheumatism"), after trauma to the musculoskeletal system in acute inflammation of the intestine, the urinary and reproductive organs and to support the treatment of venous and lymphatic systems.

Product specifications:

Size: 30 x 40 cm
Weight: 350 g