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BodyChoice Rolls & Holder / Papier- und Vliesstoff-Rollen

Protect Your Clients and Your Couch

Choose from Paper, Non-Woven and Clinical

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Product Summary  

Everything you need to keep clients comfortable and your couch clean. BodyChoice™ Rolls are hygienic, absorbent and environmentally friendly. BodyChoice™ Paper Rolls, Non-Woven Fabric Rolls and Clinical Rolls are available individually or by the case. Conveniently dispense rolls with our BodyChoice™ Roll Holder, adjustable to fit different size rolls.

Product Details  

BodyChoice™ Roll Holder 
The BodyChoice™ Roll Holder fits simply and unobtrusively into the face cradle sockets of your massage couch. Powder-coated for a smooth, uniform finish, this aluminum holder is lightweight yet durable and sturdy. Designed to easily dispense couch covers, the versatile holder is adjustable to fit different sizes rolls up to 90 cm wide. 
Engineered to accommodate socket specifications on all BodyChoice and Master couches, Comfort and Thermo Master models. Please confirm your couch has dual ports before purchasing.
Dimensions: Distance between the bars - 20 cm / 8" (center measured) 
Rod diameter -  1.8 cm / 3/4"


BodyChoice™ Paper Rolls 
BodyChoice™ Paper Rolls are made from the same main component of plant cell walls, cellulose. 100% chlorine free, environmentally friendly and super soft, the double layer cover provides extra comfort and absorbency. Conveniently perforated every 38 cm. Embossed for added strength and visual appeal, BodyChoice™ Paper Rolls are available in white by the roll or in cartons of 9.
59 cm wide x 50 m long, perforated every 38 cm

BodyChoice™ Non-Woven Rolls
This spunbound, disposable fabric provides a breathable, soft surface for the ultimate comfort of your clients. Hygienic, very strong and professional grade, it also doesn’t create a crinkling paper noise when clients move on the massage couch. The fabric rolls are perforated at 70 cm intervals, letting you easily choose your desired length. At 70 cm wide, the fabric fits nicely across most massage couches and is ample enough to accommodate nearly every client's width. The total length of the roll is 50 m, which means it lasts longer and saves you money. Available in white by the roll or in cartons of ten rolls.
70 cm wide x 50 m long, perforated every 70 cm, weight - 25 gr/m²

BodyChoice™ Clinical Rolls
PE-coated to be oil and water-resistant
, BodyChoice™ Clinical Rolls are made of 100% cellulose. Chlorine-free and robust, these professional rolls are embossed for added strength and visual appeal. Available in white by the roll or in cartons of 6.
: 60 cm wide x 50 m long, perforated every 38 cm

Ideal For

  • Busy Practitioners
  • Spas
  • Salons
  • Mobile Practices
  • Physiotherapy Centers