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Rosemary Essential Oil

Stimulates a tired mind and the blood circulation

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Spitzner’S Rosemary Essential Oil
For aromatherapy baths or aromatherapy massages, for inhalation, steam bath or for oil burners.

The Spitzner’s Rosemary Essential Oil activates the brain reducing mental fatigue and stimulates the blood circulation. It contains more eucalyptol than camphor and is milder when applied than oil with a higher level of eucalyptol. The Spitzner’s certified organic essential oils’ production is based on the gentle steam distillation which guarantees the best effect and a full development of the aroma.


For aromatherapy bath: Use a few drops and  2 – 3 soup spoons honey or cream , directly to the warm water while filling the bath.

For aromatherapy massage: 2 drops in 10 ml of Spitzner‘s carrier oil

For Diffusion: up to 5 drops into the oil burner, aroma diffuser or onto the scent stone. No time for a bath? It would be the perfect way to use essential oils effectively.

For steam bath: Follow manufacturer's instructions