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Salt Scrub Pure

Unscented, fine sea salt

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As seawater evaporates so the salt content increases, a special kind of sea salt called "white gold". It is an ideal skin care for all types of skin which removes the dead skin cells and stimulates the blood circulation of the upper skin layer. The sea salt is detoxifying. It contains an abundance of minerals: the magnesium moisturizes, the potassium stimulates primary metabolism and the calcium soothes irritated skin and relieves itching. The Spitzner Salt Scrub Pure will be much more effective being used after a sauna or a steam bath visit because the heat of a sauna opens the pores of the skin and cleanses your skin by getting rid of the dead skin cells through sweat.

While taking a shower: Take a shower, massage some sauna salt into wet skin. Rinse off after the salt is dissolved.

During a sauna or steam bath: Rub some salt into wet skin with circle movements and leave it on for some minutes before you get into the shower. Use the sea salt scrub weekly.

Beauty Tip: Unscented sea salt is an excellent choice for using it as a body scrub for great skin care. Rich in minerals.

Features and Benefits:

  • Pure fine sea salt, (Maris Sal) 
  • Perfect skin care product for all types of skin; mineral-rich
  • Detoxifying, moisturizing; relieves itching
  • Apply the  Sea Salt Scrub while taking a shower, during sauna or steam bath visit

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