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SAXON™ Therma-Top®

Master Massage™ Portable Massage Table
Innovative design, high-quality materials and first-class quality!

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The ultimate comfort with built-in Therma-Top® heating system!
The patented Therma-Top® built in adjustable warming system provides client pleasing warmth to your massage therapy sessions and ensures a state of complete relaxation and lightness.

The multi-adjustable Ergo Dream™ headrest  of portable massage table Therma-Top® is infinitely variable, positive, negative and adjustable in height. uality, 6,5 cm thick and multi-layered Small Cell™ foam.
The high-quality Auto-Lock™ wood frame with DUO-PLANE™ hinges is designed for all heavy duty and all treatment techniques and enables you to quickly assemble and disassemble the lounger in seconds. Reiki system are standard equipment and provide great legroom when sitting to be treated.

• high-quality materials and first-class production quality
• patented Built-In Therma-Top® heating system  – provides adjustable warmth over the entire surface of the table
• comfortable padding, 6,5 cm multi-layered Small Cell™ foam
• PU leather cover with denim-like reinforcement
• half-round bolster
• Ergo Dream™ headrest and Ergo Dream™ face pillow
• high quality wooden frame with DUO-PLANE™ hinges
• double luggage-style table closure clasps
• Shiatsu release - the lounger can be laid flat on the floor
• Headrest / accessories can be attached to both ends of the bed
• Reiki option for more ergonomics and legroom

Therma-Top® heating system
• 5 temperature levels
• digital display
• uniform, constant heat
• 2 years warranty
• 230-240 Volt / 50 Hz
• 70 Watt

size - 76 cm x 215 cm (30” W x 84” L )
from  62 cm - 90 cm adjustable height (24”-34” H)
dynamic lifting power - 250 kg (1,500 lbs)
table weight - 19 kg (38 lbs)

Package Includes:
•    portable massage table
•    Ergo Dream™ headrest and Ergo Dream™ face pillow
•    Half/round bolster, wide armrest
•    carrying case

Guarantee: 10 years against defects of legs & frame
                      2 years against defects of upholstery


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