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Singing Bowl Massage

The singing bowls, which were handmade in the Himalaya until the beginning of the 20th century and might have served religious purposes, originate in contemporary Tibet. Today’s usage of the singing bowls is possibly a modern alteration of traditional therapies and rites. Traditional elements are linked with the knowledge of the intense effect of sound waves to create a new kind of massage.

As per traditional production method, singing bowls are made of an alloy of copper and tin and can contain other metals such as iron, zinc, lead as well as traces of silver, gold, and selenium. In addition, there are singing bowls made of quartz.

To play the singing bowl, the rim or the outside of it is rubbed with a wooden mallet. Similar to a wine glass, which makes a sound by rubbing the rim of it, the mallet is led around the outside of the bowl. Depending on the exerted pressure on the singing bowl and the underground it is placed on, the sounds will defer. Another way of playing the singing bowl is to tap it with the mallet underneath the rim. Depending on the mallet used, the sounds can be higher or deeper.

The singing bowl massage uses the effect of the sounds of the different singing bowls to put the client in a trance-like state to achieve a positive impact on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. This can help to dissipate disorders of the chakras, mental tensions, and blockades.

The energetic approach assumes, that the vibrations caused by the singing bowls resonate the meridian system and channel the energy. This results in positive effects like a general uplift of the mood. Lack of energy and excess energy can be balanced and result in an improved function of affected organs which, as another positive effect, will alleviate chronical pain.

Further theories justify the effect of the singing bowl massage by the fact that the human body consists predominantly of water, which is set in motion by the sound waves and therefore acts as an internal massage on the body cells.

Within the scope of wellness and spa, singing bowls are used to increase relaxation and strengthen the sense of well-being of clients. The mellow vibrations cause the client to be able to let go, blank out utter attractions, and relax. The sounds have a soothing effect and can promote stress relief.

The singing bowl massage is performed by using particularly manufactured singing bowls of different sizes to obtain a variety of sounds. Depending on the singing bowl used, the sounds can be higher or deeper.

The bowls are placed on or held above the body while chimed so that the sound, which is absorbed as vibration, can spread to the body. The vibrations replace the classical contingencies of a massage as a well as the relaxation music used during a massage and the produced sound waves spread into every single body cell. The client is fully dressed during the massage and is laying on a mat on the floor or a massage couch.  

Not only spas offer singing bowl massages. More and more alternative practitioners offer this special technique to reduce mood changes, light depression, headaches and migraines easily.  

Try it for yourself and experience the positive effects of a singing bowl massage!