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Sung Rei Massage

The Sung Rei Massage, originated on the island of Bali, Indonesia, is a special kind of a massage technique which combines different elements from the Ayurvedic, Thai and traditional Balinese massages. The traditional Balinese healing naturopathy uses a variety of techniques including kneading and stroking or skin rolling as they stimulate the self-healing power. The Sung Rei Treatment is very relaxing being performed in a spa. This holistic treatment uses the aromatherapy, phytotherapy and the traditional healing methods.

Aromas and colours will be selected individually according to each patient’s needs to reach effects on mind, body and soul. The colours will be added to the massage gel: red, blue, green and yellow colours are mostly used. For example, the blue massage gel combined with relaxing essential oil reduces stress.

The yellow colour combined with the energizing fragrance has positive effects on our body. The green colour is to choose to balance your mind, body and spirit. Blended with lavender or Ylang Ylang essential oil it will reduce stress and will help you feel calm. The orange colour clears your mind and soul and breaks blockades. Red is associated with power and energy. Violet will stimulate clear thoughts and stands for awareness. Different colours will be chosen according to the emotions and will help to restore energy in the body and to balance your mind, body and spirit.

First of all the body will be wrapped in warm towels. The soothing Balinese music will help you feel relaxed. Warm compresses or warming lotions will be applied on skin what can be beneficial for your digestive system. The selection of the massage oil blends, colour gels or colour essences will be applied using wavelike movements. The pressure can be as gentle or firm as you wish but should not be too firm or painful. Herbal bags could be used as well. A massage chair is ideal for a short treatment.

The Sung Rei massage was known as a healing method. The regular massage stimulates body’s self-healing power. This massage can be used as a complement to other treatments and can help relive chronical diseases or stress. The individually chosen colour essences and scents should balance the inner balance and achieve the positive mood effect.

The Sung Rei is popular not only as a relaxation method but also as a beauty treatment: a deep moisturizing treatment has a positive effect on skin making it glow and more resistant to environmental factors. Some skin problems such as cellulite or spider veins can be reduced by the Sung Rei massage as it stimulates cellular activity and helps to remove toxic chemicals from your body.

The Sung Rei is a successful combination as a beauty treatment and a wellness therapy.