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Thai Herbal Body Compress Balls

Invigorates the body, nourishes the skin and improves circulation!

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For centuries, Thai herbal compress balls have been adopted to use in concert with traditional Thai massage and therapeutic treatments. Hot herbal compresses are well-known for treating chronic nuisances such as muscle, back and joint pains.

Our Thai Herbal Compress Balls are exceptional in a unique way because we have dedicated ourselves to working only with traditional massage experts from Thailand to develop an exclusive formula. Our special mixture of authentic herbs and natural aromas offers three specific thematic properties – energizing, relaxing, and rejuvenating – which are not available elsewhere. In addition, we have an organic version of each formula.

The unique combination and balance of these medicinal herbs within the compress balls works to promote your well-being through increased energy flow, skin nourishment and enhanced blood circulation. At the same time, our healing herbal compress treatment relaxes your tension, revitalizes your whole body, recharges your energy, and ultimately lets you experience a complete stage of bliss.

Bring your massage practice to the next level of excellence with these easy-to-use herbal compress balls. Each package contains two balls (200g each for natural option, 150g each for organic one) as required per treatment. One ball is being heated while the other is in use.


1). Prepare two herbal compress balls each time to ensure smooth, uninterrupted treatments.

2). Soak the herbal compress balls completely in water for approximately one minute and remove. Then, warm them in an herbal compress steamer for another ten to fifteen minutes. Alternatively, simply heat them in the microwave for two to three minutes. For maximum therapeutic benefit, the steaming method is highly recommended.

3). Check the temperature of the compress and the level of heat against the upper arm prior to placing it on the skin.

4). Apply the herbal compress to the area of muscle pain or throughout the body, according to treatment requirements of your choice.

5). For effective results, after treatment, wait and relax for approximately thirty minutes before taking a bath.

Storage Instructions:
Herbal compress balls may be used up to five times within three to five days after first use. For best results, after each use, they should first be dried in the open air. Then, put in a plastic bag before storing in the refrigerator.

Unused herbal compresses should be kept in their original packaging in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight.