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Tiger Tail

A Self Care Tool for Your Lower Body

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Product Summary

The Tiger Tail is a self-massage tool that aids the recovery of lower body tension and soreness often associated with sports and exercise.

Product Details

The Tiger Tail makes it easy to reduce soreness, aches, and muscle fatigue commonly faced by athletes. It can be used to loosen muscles before activity, treat cramps and soreness during activity, and aid recovery after activity.

The rotating bar is wrapped in durable, soft-feel, non-porous foam that is firm and comfortable. The Tiger Tail lets you apply steady, rolling compression to the muscles with ease. It is ideal for massaging the quads, hamstrings, glutes, or calves but can be used on sore muscles on any part of the body.

The Tiger Tail is a useful addition to the toolbox of any sports massage therapist, physical therapist, or athlete.


  • Grip the handles firmly and roll the Tiger Tail over sore muscles.
  • Perform 10-20 rolls before an activity to loosen muscles.
  • Use as needed to relieve soreness and aches.
  • Clean with antibacterial spray or gel.


  • 45.7cm x 3.8cm, 0,5kg

The Tiger Tail is made in the USA.