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Warming Roller / Wärmerolle

Warms pain away

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The unique Warming Roller contains a high-quality substance,a memory material, which is able to store the heat for an enormous amount of time (Phase Change Material; abbr. PCM) originated from the NASA space research. It‘s being used exclusively for heat treatment therapy for medical conditions with a great success.


Heat the Warming Roller in a microwave (5 minutes, 400 watt) or in a preheated convection oven (15 minutes, 110 ° C). It adapts to the shape of your body to fit it perfectly. Use the attached cords to keep it anywhere on the body. The stored heat is available for a long time and relieves neck tension, back and hip pain, eliminates stomach or abdominal pain and more.

Difference between heat treatments:

The Warming Roller „dispenses“ the warmth at a constant pleasant temperature heating deep tissues for more effect (To compare with the Cherry Stone Pillows, Hot Water Bottles or Reusable Hot Gel Pack with the temperature keeping falling down constantly). No electricity required for more mobility (like an electric heating pad or a infrared lamp).

 Features and Benefits:

  • Simply heating up in a microwave or a convection oven; reusable
  • Long lasting, therapeutic warmth
  • Can fit any part of the body; can be fixed with the cords
  • Durable and skin friendly materials
  • All materials are enviromentally friendly and non-toxic.
  • Ideal for mobile therapists or home use

Dimensions: 52 cm x 12 cm (20.5“ x 4.7“), weight 570 g

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